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Pawprint Signifigance

There are alot of pet businesses out there that have a paw print as their logo. So why,  being a creative pet photographer, do I choose to conform and also use one in mine? Well, it’s because my paw print is more than just that. It is the real paw of my dog, Paco. He was the greatest dog I have ever had. If you understand the meaning of a soul dog than you will understand what Paco was to me. I got him at  a time in my life where I was uncertain about everything, what I was doing with my life, the direction I should take, and even where I should live. As crazy as it sounds, getting a dog seemed the most logical decision to make at that time. I didn’t pick him, he definitely picked me. And I am so glad he did, because we had the most adventurous 4 years together. I learned so many valuable life lessons from him that I don’t think could’ve been explained to me by any human. Because of Paco I was able to strengthen and grow as an independent woman. Insignificant things that earlier in life I would have prioritized fell to the wayside. I began to learn what really mattered in life, my personal happiness along with my dogs well being. Then, I lost him. It was the most tragic experience I have ever had to endure in my life to date. I wish him back every day but know that everything happens for a reason.So rather than fight the experience, I decided to learn from it. Thus, the reason I began Pawsitively Pictures. I had been doing pet photography prior to loosing Paco, however I didn’t fully commit to it until after him. I believe that pets are wonderful beings that fill our lives with happiness and it is extremely important to document those memories so you can have them forever.