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Tito Tuesday {Out Of The Office}

This week, while it has only just begun, has been somewhat of a whirlwind. And not a nice, breezy whirlwind, gently blowing across your face type wind but rather more of a hurricane style, category 5 force in “yo face” type of whirlwind. You see, Tito and I are headed North for the month of August. I’m originally from Philadelphia so when the opportunity came to photograph a few events…..and a few puppies up North I jumped at the bit. So trying to shut down an office in Florida while bringing a make shift office with me is quite challenging. What do I need to bring? What paperwork? Etc, etc. But more importantly what am I going to pack for Tito? So for today’s Tito Tuesday I thought it would be awesome to step away from the chaotic whirlwind at hand and review the necessary basics on packing a pup for a month. So in no particular order I am going to list what Tito and I have both deemed important.
{1} A vintage suitcase – This more for looks. It doesn’t really fit much but sure looks cute when you put a Tito in -or-on it
{2} Milk Bones – Actually treats in general are going to be uber important for the road trip up to Philly
{3} Toothbrush- This is not necessarily for Tito, but since his mommie is OCD about her pearly whites she is packing one for Tito
{4} Camera- As if I need to explain further :)
{5} Maps – Sure, just take I-95 North until you hit Philadelphia….LOL. Wrong!
{6} Tequila- Why not?
{7} The Flea- No not real fleas, just his favorite toy that I purchased from Walgreen’s for $2.00 which is in the shape of a Flea and says “Bite Me” on the butt , and has a squeaky stomach. Love it!
As we near closer to the departure date I’m sure there will be more that I need to include in this suitcase, but for now we’ve got the basics covered.
For any of you interested in scheduling a Florida pet portrait session they will resume Thursday, September 16th. And for any of you interested in a Philadelphia pet session you can contact me via email at

August 3, 2010 - 8:48 pm Linda Agosto - So cute Stephanie!!! Have a safe trip and have lot's of fun!

August 4, 2010 - 8:19 am Catherine Palmer - I just love Tuesday with Tito!!He is packed but what about his mother??

August 19, 2010 - 10:41 pm Natural Balance Dog Food - He fits perfectly in the luggage. So darn cute.

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