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Tito Tuesday

Well, another Tuesday is upon us which means only one thing, Tito Tuesday! It has been a super busy Spring. Between pets and weddings it seems like I have a camera in my hand more often than not. So, yesterday, I decided to put my camera down, and step away from my computer and phone. Tito and I, we were taking the day off. We went for some super long walks followed by an afternoon at the beach. It was so wonderful. When I came home I figured he would be pretty tired. Instead he decided to get all of his toys out and play with them. Now I was planning on not picking up the camera at all yesterday, but found myself sneaking in a few shots in of my Monster. There are so many things I love about Tito so I decided to photograph them. So in no particular order here are the things I love about my dog as well as images of them all:
1. I Love his big paws.
2. I LOVE his face! How can you not look at those eyes, nose and HUGE under bite and not smile :)
3. I Love the black spot on his back.
4. I Love that his toy basket is twice the size of him.
5. And I Love the fact that out of all of his toys he really only plays with about 4 of them. His top choice being the Kong.
6. I Love the fact that at any given moment during the day or night Tito will all of a sudden start break dancing on his back. This occurs every day, numerous times throughout the day, and also includes various amounts of growling at the air and sneezing….I really should make a You Tube video…Coming soon :)

May 4, 2010 - 8:32 am janelle - Love the pic with the Kong!!!

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