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Tito Tuesday

Originally from Philadelphia I, along with many other Florida natives came down here for one reason, to escape the cold. I have never been one who finds pleasure in wearing 18 different layers of clothing and still remaining cold. And the thought of having to de-ice or warm up my car for 20 minutes before going anywhere sends shivers down my spine. However, there is one thing that I can honestly say I miss every year. And it’s about this time of year when I wish I could be up there for a week, a few days, or even a few hours. I miss the Fall. There is nothing more refreshing than the crisp air on an October/ November day. Listening to the dried leaves blow in the wind as I lay on a pile that has already fallen is a vivid memory to me. Therefore, to honor the Fall that I so dearly long for I decided to dedicate this Tito Tuesday to my Northern heritage. To those of you, who are experiencing the Fall, enjoy. And to those of you who are longing for it as much as I am, I hope that this image can bring you a little relief. Happy Tito Tuesday.TT1

November 3, 2009 - 2:36 pm Nicole - ooh love the new blog header look!

November 4, 2009 - 1:55 pm april - I'd be happy to trade our fall for your warm Fl weather!

November 9, 2009 - 12:33 pm Catherine - The idea of Tito Tuesday is adorable!!!! Perhpas Mommy monday is another idea!!!!

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